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I’m VP, Head of Design at eBay➜ eBay and a dad➜ Claire. I was Director, Product Design for Facebook Marketplace➜ Marketplace, drew letters with my Friends of Type➜ Projects, lead design at ed startup Lore➜ Projects, co-founded design studio Objective Subject➜ Projects, kickstarted food mag Remedy Quarterly➜ Projects, served as an AIGA/NY➜ board member before moving to San Francisco, and studied at Type@Cooper➜ Projects.

Facebook Profile

My Roles—Strategy, Design Team Support, Team Lead.
My Fellow Team Leads—Jeff Huang (EM) & Aryeh Selekman (PM)
DesignersConnie Yang, Joanna Chao, Seth Weisfeld, Stephanie Engle, Vivian Ma
The Hard WorkThe amazing Facebook Profile Team


Designing platforms for exhibiting creative work has become a passion of mine. From Friends of Type to the learner profiles on Lore, the challenge of creating a memorable, beautiful space for visual expression is about format fit to the content and minimal interventions. When Billy at Art&Motion asked me to work on his brand and website, this was the goal.

The website had one other requirement up my alley: it had to work as well at social events as it did on the art director’s desk. Therefore, this was a mobile first project. Billy and I sat and drew pencil sketches of the mobile site to kick things off, with a “what’s the most important thing?” mentality. I then did the majority of the design in the browser, attempting a snappy, near-native experience on the phone but big and hi-res on the desktop.

Launched Winter 2012
My roles—Identity and Website Design & Development

AP Branding

The new logo may feel simple and slightly generic, but it’s concise and strong, especially with the red underscore which I feel will become more identifiable — perhaps almost like National Geographic’s yellow frame — than the “AP” characters.

Overall, I think this is a welcome and positive change that establishes AP as a modern-day news network instead of a relic from the last century.

Armin Vit, Brand New

Launched Spring 2012
My Roles—Design, Creative Direction.
David Jalbert-Gagnier, Creative Direction; Sam Gray, Design.


When I started at Coursekit in January 2012, the product was designed to serve an instructor with one course and her students well. It had the features required to conduct class and focussed on discussion within the class by giving it the tools of social media. In 5 months, amid rebranding and supporting Coursekit, we expanded the vision beyond a finite toolkit to a platform for learning that could extend beyond class to a campus, beyond campus to fields of study, and ultimately to any teacher and every learner.

To facilitate this we designed a macro interface that could contain any kind of community, content, and communication as the platform. We also redesigned the entire course product including timeline, composer, gradebook, library, and more to be simpler and more immersive. We added a dashboard, global chat, groups, a discovery page, and beautiful learner profiles. Launched in two parts with marketing pushes for each, it was a massive undertaking driven by passion and cold-brew coffee.

Launched Fall 2012
My roles—Design Team Leader, Creative Direction & Product Design.
Design Team—Joseph Cohen, CEO; Katie Koch, UX Lead; Matt Delbridge & Colin Dunn, Product Design.


Marais is my first commercial typeface release after years of making fonts for clients and for myself. Test, learn more, and pick up a license on the official Marais site. Marais was conceived and primarily executed at the Cooper Union’s Type@Cooper Extended Program, under the tutelage of Jesse Ragan.

Released Fall 2012
Marais is the primary typeface used on this website.

Friends of Type

Friends of Type started as a sketchblog for some friends and ex-coworkers to keep in touch via drawings. The initial launch was an 8 hour overnight sprint designed & developed simultaneously, in-browser. While the site remains an evolution of that design today, iterating features, adding responsiveness, and replacing JS with CSS3 keep the platform a laboratory for an intersection of my passions.

Conceived with Erik Marinovich at 8pm, launched at 4am September 22nd, 2009
My Roles—Co-founder, Design, Development.