Lore Rebranding

3 Months after joining Coursekit we rebranded as Lore. We needed to change our name to fit our expansive vision beyond online course tools. We launched a website to tell the story of the brand and one to review the design process. Armin Vit remarked on Brand New“There is almost nothing to critique about it; not because it’s perfect but because there are so few elements and they are all simple as it gets: it’s a circle with four geometric slab serif characters in it. Done.” That simplicity took a ton of effort to balance because the more you remove the more important each remaining element is. Should the letters be bold and block or thin and elegant? Serifs here or there? How round should the O be? This was a very personal identity, the first I had done for myself as much as anyone. It’s laden with references to heroes of mine and icons of design, standing on their shoulders, as building block letters are wont to do.

My roles—Creative Direction & Design.
Design Team—Joseph Cohen, CEO; Matt Delbridge, Design.